FrankenKopter Performance Engineering (FPE) was founded out of the need for viable/available engine overhaul/upgrades to existing Helicopters. The evolution of the turbo system began with a retrofit for the existing computer/ factory setup and evolved into a comprehensive upgrade to computer/engine and addition of the turbo. This evolution happened out of necessity to develop the correct match of all components to perform as needed. This comprehensive upgrade addresses issues with the engine, such as the leaking of oil in the antifreeze, short engine life and lack of enough torque/engine performance to perform at higher altitudes. The addition of the computer upgrade and turbo allow for enhanced performance to allow flight well beyond the performance capability of stock Rotorway helicopters.

As an Airframe and Powerplant mechanic I started my journey of engine building in high school building cars and racing friends. After high school I attended college, earned a degree in aviation maintenance and technology to include a commercial pilots license and Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) ratings. From there I’ve spent 30+ years building performance based engines and forced induction systems across multiple arrays of applications from tractors to aircraft.

The goal of FrankenKopter is to provide the highest quality performance enhancements to your helicopter to allow you to fly places not previously possible.